The Wilkinson Group is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company comprised of marketing professionals who work together to leverage a broad range of skills and experience on behalf of a select group of clients. Our combination of unparalleled talents and personalities positions TWG as North America’s most unique marketing agency. TWG has conducted business in 47 countries since its inception in 1982 and holds working relationships around the globe.

We are highly creative and non-traditional in our approach to establishing marketing initiatives, strategic alliances and business development programs that address our clients’ diverse and challenging business objectives. We take pride in doing things differently and in producing results. Once we begin work, we consider ourselves part of the leadership team and accept the responsibilities that come with this role.

With more than 30 years of experience in event marketing and sponsorship development, TWG leadership applies the power of experiential and interactive marketing to bring companies and their brands to life for their customers. Our approach is more cost effective and long lasting than traditional mass media and advertising, particularly companies and organizations who are seeking to establish and build new brands through interactions with their defined communities.

47 countries, 3,000 events, 30 years, $1,500,000,000