Event Management

With ever-increasing rights fees, and more dynamic forms of emerging media communications, the old days of “hang a banner in the outfield” sponsorship are becoming rapidly less cost effective, desirable and dynamic for brands that need to distill millions of media impressions into one-on-one communications in order to cut through the clutter and win at the shelf.  When implementation costs are added to the basic fees paid for a sponsorship of an existing event or arena, the result can be a drain on the bottom line.  This is particularly true when there is no real strategic application to help achieve the desired results of sales and revenue.

Creating a client-owned event or media property is a highly effective method for gaining all of the revenue results desired from a marketing investment, while building long-term brand equity and benefit. TWG specializes in creating proprietary programs, such as global concerts, tours and cause marketing programs that are based on a corporate strategy and the true needs of the business and its customers.  As entertainment for customers, employees, vendors and executives, proprietary events create long-lasting memories and, with proper planning and strategy, can pull through to very real sales and channel partnerships.

Please visit our Case Studies for some of the proprietary events we have created for our private sector, public sector and non-profit clients.