Frank Cabanski

New Media & Events Manager

Frank Cabanski has been an innovator and leader in new media and competitive gaming events for 15 years, managing and hosting multi-million dollar events ranging from boat shows to video game competitions. Frank’s work in event management and competitive gaming have involved him with corporate clients such as Toyota, Best Buy, Blockbuster and Microsoft, with notable accomplishments including:

  • Created and delivered The Madden Challenge – a nationwide tournament for the Madden Football video game.
  • Developed the concept and format for “Madden Nation,” a television series airing on ESPN, as well as additional Madden Challenge programming airing on G4TV and Telemundo
  • Created and managed some of the first high-profile on-line and televised video game tournaments, including Quake Clanring and Clanring tournaments, helping launch the career of the first world-renowned video game champion Thresh, Dennis Fong.
  • Developed, manages and emcees Microsoft’s “Game Zone,” a video game tournament and lounge at Microsoft technical events, in conjunction with computer and video game industry sponsors.
  • Managed the launch for the “Hip Hop Gaming League,” a video game league featuring rap singers and professional athletes. Cast and directed the host for the leagues television (MTV) and on-line video series.
  • Developed and managed qualifiers and championships in North and South America for world-wide video game leagues World Cyber Games, CPL, ACON.
  • Pioneered on-line broadcast of video game matches and competitions via streaming video, streaming audio, and in-game display.
  • Developed the first “barnstorming tours” of video game champions, appearing not only as an emcee but as a champion taking on local challengers at malls, colleges, trade shows, fairs, and other venues.
  • Served as the commissioner for the some of the first professional video game leagues.

Many of the rules, formats and methods that Frank drafted are still used by major video game competitions today. He also enjoys serving as a play-by-play announcer, emcee and host for gaming competitions and has appeared at major events such as E3,CES and the NBA All Star Game.