Got Milk? Gravity Tour


Annual summer tour of fairs, concerts and theme parks by “got milk?” branded alternative sports festival involving X-Games participants.


California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) and the got milk? brand.


Proprietary event property (owned by CMAB).

Sponsorship Investment:

Budgeted at approximately $2 million per year.



To promote milk drinking as a “cool” beverage alternative for youth and teen markets by being aligned with “cool” performers, music and events.

Primary Sponsorship Benefits

  • The event property is totally controlled by the CMAB and branded by got milk? No other sponsor has any significant brand presence
  • CMAB pays no sponsorship fees to fairs, concerts or other venues as the Gravity Tour is seen as having real value for the properties visited
  • CMAB is able to garner extensive media support and coverage by being seen as a benevolent member of the community that is providing the entertainment at no cost. The got milk? brand is generally seen as a harmless, non-commercial presence, resulting in greater direct news exposure than a traditional major brand would receive with a similar program
  • The event is fully branded with logos, banners, uniforms, collateral
  • Member dairies of the CMAB are allowed to sample product