Legacy Work

Atlantic Lottery Commission

  • Goal: Introduce property buying strategies into a company that was overspending on
    a variety of activities
  • Results: Developed a sport and event strategy for Atlantic Lottery Commission with special emphasis on sports brands: Over/Under and Pro Line
  • Fewer, bigger, better events as opposed to “all things to all people”

Bank of Montreal Canadian Women’s Open

  • Goal: Find a Canadian property that would resonate with Bank’s employees (mostly
    female) and retail customers
  • Results: Negotiated title sponsorship agreement; wrote Bank strategy; managed and
    executed Bank marketing and promotional programs and on-site activation and
    coordinated annual measurement

Bell Canadian Open

  • Goal: Find a property to reinforce Bell’s market leadership position as they entered
    into a competitive telecommunications marketplace
  • Results: PGA Tour title sponsorship reinforced Bell’s position as a major
    National/International company
  • Negotiated title sponsorship agreement; wrote Bell strategy; managed and
    executed Bell marketing and promotional programs and on site activation and
    coordinated annual measurement

Canada Cup Hockey / World Cup Hockey

  • Goal: Maximize revenue for the Tournament(s)
  • Results: Managed the tickets for the 1981 Canada Cup Hockey Tournament
  • Developed, managed and executed promotions for 1984, 1987 and 1991 Canada
    Cup Tournaments
  • Developed, managed and executed the World Cup of Hockey Express for the
    1996 World Cup of Hockey

Canada Cup of Volleyball / Canadian Superstar Volleyball

  • Goal: Create a new, hip “make” of the sport of volleyball and to promote this image
    nationally and internationally
  • Results: Created and managed the first to fourth Canada Cup of Volleyball
  • Managed over 3,000 volleyball and sport events from 1972-1989
  • Created and produced Canadian Superstar Volleyball on behalf of the CVA, IVBF
    and Global Television
  • 26 week series for 3 years

Canadian Figure Skating Association

  • Goal: Find a way to increase revenues
  • Results: Developed strategy to package National team, National Championships,
    International events, grassroots programming and television to maximize revenues
    for CFSA
  • Found sponsors for both National Championships and international event (Skate
    Canada) and series of Association sponsor partners

Canadian Olympic Committee (COC)

  • Goal 1995: Develop a new brand for the COC and extend to all communication
    vehicles. Also, develop a new sponsorship and merchandising strategy
  • Results: New sponsorship and merchandising program, which was launched through
    the new branding campaign, far exceeded the COC’s financial goals established for
    the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, setting a new “water-level” for sponsorship and
    merchandising revenue targets
  • Goal 2001: Find additional forms of revenue to complement sponsorship stream
  • Results: Developed alternative revenue strategy that included licensing, special
    offers and an endowment campaign

Canadian Tire Corporation

  • Goal: Introduce property buying strategies into a company who was supporting a
    variety of vendors’ programs, but had no measurement system to track return on
  • Results: Developed, managed and executed sport and event strategy and plans
    (with annual revisions) for Canadian Tire including Canadian Tire National Cycling
    Series, the Ultimate Face-Off and the development of proprietary programs for Team
    Canadian Tire, Motomaster and Mastercraft brands
  • Developed strategy for Canadian Tire Child Safety Foundation and Stay Alert,
    Stay Safe program
  • Program advanced to the point where vendors’ dollars now fund Canadian Tire

Caribana International Festival

  • Goal: Enable a multicultural community to celebrate its lifestyle and culture. Deeply
    in debt and fractious, TWG brought organizational structure and strategic planning to
    the community and then developed its marketing and partnership plan
  • Results: Developed the event and partnership strategy for this Toronto International
    Multicultural Festival
  • Grew spectator and participant base from 185,000 to 1.5 million and cemented
    over $2 million in annual sponsorship

Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

  • Goal: Prepare a plan for the owners of the race, Andretti-Green, to maximize
  • Results: Developed sponsorship strategy and revenue plan for inaugural Honda
    Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Year 1 revenues exceeded budget by $500,000.

Labatt / Interbrew

  • Goal Labatt: Develop a plan for Labatt as Team Owner of Toronto Blue Jays to
    spend less and still receive beer category value
  • Results: Developed strategy to divest ownership and sponsorship of Toronto Blue
    Jays (1995)
  • Goal Budweiser: Develop a plan for Budweiser to leverage NFL rights in Canada
  • Results: Developed, managed and executed NFL program for Budweiser (2002-


  • Goal: Develop a program to compete with Labatt, who held NFL rights
  • Results: Creation, management and execution of the Coors Light Silver Suite near
    association program with Monday Night Football (2001)
  • Goal: Provide Molson with a strategy for hockey, where they had held NHL and
    individual team rights for years, but were being faced with significant competitive
    bidding from Labatt
  • Results: Decided to give up NHL rights and kept more valuable team rights
  • Developed, managed and executed Molson NHL and Canadian team strategy
    including proprietary programs, Best Seats in the House and Rivalry Trains –
    (2000 -2003)
  • Goal: Develop leveraging plans for Molson’s annual $7MM investment with Toronto’s
    CART race
  • Results: Managed and execute programs and plans for Molson Indy (CART) race
    (2000-2003). Brought in partners to offset costs

National Community Tree Foundation

  • Goal: Create a program that would legitimately cause change in urban centers, but
    would be supported solely by marketing partners
  • Results: By integrating 65 corporate partners and with the help of 22 tree planting
    partners, TWG planted 250 million trees in urban centers on behalf of NCTF
  • Created, managed and found partners to manage the program for six additional

National Congress of State Games

  • Goal: Create a national strategic plan that would coalesce a disparate and
    struggling, but well-meaning, collection of State Game organizations and develop a
    partnership marketing/sponsorship plan that would facilitate the financing of the
    strategic plans operations
  • Results: Based on the Olympic Games model, created State Games in
    • 37 States for Summer Games
    • 14 States for Winter Games
  • 500,000 athletes participate nationally in State Games each year
  • 90 sports are offered in competitions in 536 communities for participants from
    over 6,000 cities and towns
  • 85% of State Games costs are managed by partners

Net Aid Global Action Awards

  • Goal: Transpose the global success of the Net Aid concerts into a global, actionable
    event targeted at the defined audience of high school aged social activists working
    on issues of extreme poverty
  • Results: Created an International Awards program; acquired Quincy Jones as Chair
    and brought together the most effective high school students in the fight against

Northern Telecom Tucson Open

  • Goal: Create a strategy to value Northern Telecom’s sponsorship of Tucson Open
  • Results: Sponsorship was not providing sufficient returns, therefore developed plan
    for NorTel to exit Tucson Open

Olympic Projects

  • Goal: Develop programs that would leverage their involvement with the Olympic
  • Results: Developed, managed and executed strategy and plan for Weston Foods for
    1988 Calgary Olympics
  • Developed leveraging and promotional activities for Petro Canada Torch Relay in the
    1988 Calgary Olympics
  • Developed leveraging and promotional plan for Canadian Tire Corporation for 1988
    Calgary Olympics
  • Developed, managed and executed strategy and plan for Bell Canada and Stentor
    Alliance for 1996 Atlanta Olympics, 1998 Nagano Olympics and 2000 Sydney
  • Developed, managed and executed strategy and plan for Coca Cola for 1996 Atlanta
    Olympics and USOC plan
  • Developed, managed and executed strategies and plans for Kodak Canada over an
    eight year period, starting with the 1996 Atlanta Olympics
  • Developed, managed and executed strategy and plan for Kellogg’s for both the 1996
    & 2002 Olympics

Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

  • Goal: Establish a membership (by country) based on experiential action that would
    impact and benefit the whole Pacific Rim Region
  • Results: Created the Pacific Region focused series “Road Less Traveled TV series
    for PATA and partners

Purolator Courier

  • Goal: Find a property for Purolator that gave them a sense of ownership and could
    break through the general sports clutter and compete with the significantly larger
    amount of dollars being spent by FedEx and UPS
  • Results: Developed, managed, executed and measured a sport and event strategy
    for Purolator with the Canadian Football League
  • Purolator’s Tackle Hunger Program received numerous National and
    International Awards

Real Madrid Football Club

  • Goal: Help Real Madrid understand the value of their brand in the US and what
    areas they should try to leverage
  • Results: Developed a strategy and plan for Real Madrid to enter US and expand

Sports Marketing Council of Canada

  • Goal: Provide national amateur sport governing bodies with a “sum of the whole is
    greater than the parts” partnership marketing strategy
  • Results: On behalf of the Canadian Sport Minister Otto Jelinek, TWG created,
    developed, and managed a combined marketing strategy and partnership acquisition
    program for 87 sport governing bodies

*TD Bank Financial Group (TDBFG) – Jazz Festival Sponsorship

  • Goal: Identify a sponsorship platform that all divisions of TDBFG could use to
    leverage consistently and focus sponsorship activity. Also, develop a strategy to
    deliver against TDBFG’s brand positioning of comfort and its increase share of wallet
  • Results: Refocused $5 million Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Sponsorship to a $3
    million national sponsorship involving 9 jazz festivals
  • Year 1: Established TD as a major player in Music
  • Year 2: Expanded the music platform to all genres and strongly positioned TD as
    the Bank of Music
  • 3,550,000 jazz fans attended

*The National Sport Commission of Mexico

  • Goal: Create a non-profit, non-governmental sport fund to facilitate the involvement
    of Mexican corporations in the delivery of sport programs to the public. Also, create a
    community based sport plan that measures the equitable development of sport from
    grassroots to elite levels
  • Results: Created the National Sport Fund (NSF) and under the “Imagine” brand had
    corporations voluntarily contribute 1% of after tax profits to help fund the campaign
  • Targeted and sold partnerships for NSC programs, generating $7 million, and
    taught transfer skills for legacy management

The Nestle All Japan (Zen Nikku) Teacher’s Awards

  • Goal: Find the means to recognize teachers up to the post-secondary level for
    innovation and excellence in specific teaching categories. Program was to be driven
    from a local community level but delivered nationally, partnership-funded and
    independent of government influence
  • Results: Partnered with Dentsu and McCann Ericson and delivered a $14 million
    investment from Nestle to be the title sponsor (which was a first for Japanese
  • Delivered the application and voting procedure, focusing on retail p.o.p.
    concepts, to deliver 2:1 ROI to Nestle
  • Created direct marketing campaign to homes for Nestle (which was a first for

The Sport Resort: Sacramento, California

  • Goal: Create a partnership program to generate contractually obligated income (COI)
    of $24 million a year to finance the bond and construction financing of the property.
    This program will focus on integrating the property’s 16,000 daily visitors into a
    partnership package that covers naming rights, founding partners, suppliers, pouring
    rights, and marketing partners
  • Results: Development of the partnership program for this $500 million, 84 sport multi-use venue, residential and commercial center
  • Currently in the entitlement process and land development process

World Cycling Championships

  • Goal: Develop a plan to maximize local revenues given that the ICU controlled
    international rights and sales
  • Results: Developed sponsorship and marketing plan for 2003 World Cycling
    Championships. Surpassed budget objectives.