Wells Fargo Pavilion


Naming rights sponsorship of a $10 million performing arts center in Sacramento, California.


Wells Fargo


California Musical Theater, a non-profit organization that operates two major musical series in the state capital

Sponsorship Investment:

$1.5 million over ten years.



Wells Fargo sought to establish a major sponsorship presence at a strategically correct venue in the Sacramento area. They considered a relationship with a new AAA baseball team and stadium but chose the Pavilion because they could “own” it and access a higher demographic attendee base through performance events.

Primary Sponsorship Benefits

  • Wells Fargo receives title of the facility and normal array of titling benefits
  • All financial services business of the CMT is delivered to Wells Fargo, which virtually liquidates the sponsorship fees
  • Category exclusivity for all CMT events and for all events that take place at the Pavilion
  • Presenting sponsorship of the Music Circus, the primary event series that takes place at the Pavilion
  • Title sponsorship of a community program through the Wells Fargo Foundation
  • The ability to pass through rights to partners
  • Sponsorship positioning of the other primary event series produced by CMT, produced at another venue