TWG has been retained as the Agency of Record for WOWIO, LLC an emerging leader in ebook and related digital content distribution, providing the highest quality eBooks and eComics to readers at no cost through targeted sponsorship from some of the nation’s leading advertisers. At, readers have access to a wide range of eBook content offerings, ranging from works of classic literature to comic books, and popular fiction titles. Newly focused on the 18-35-year demographic audience, WOWIO will lead the new ad-sponsored approach to the digital delivery of published content in a wide variety of formats.

TWG has been retained by WOWIO to write and activate its integrated global marketing plan: to include experiential actions that connect with the core WOWIO constituencies of readers, publishers and partners; with the goal of creating a website experience, and complementing marketing campaigns, that win long-term readers and brand loyalists to the eBooks environment. WOWIO: Books Evolved.